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Docker Installation

In order to host on desktop Linux, you can use Podman or Docker. Simply run the following command in a shell:

podman pull && podman run -itv "$(pwd)":/data:Z -p ${PORT:-8080}:8080 $(curl -s | podman build -qf- -v "$(pwd)":/data:Z)

Command breakdown:

  • podman pull Download latest images from the registry
  • curl -s | podman build -qf- -v "$(pwd)":/data:Z Fetch latest module addition builder and run it (this installs dependencies for dynamically loaded modules to the docker image)
  • podman run -itv "$(pwd)":/data:Z -p ${PORT:-8080}:8080 Run the generated image

When you want to restart the userbot, simply run the command again - it will automatically check for and install updates

If you can’t use podman and would prefer to use docker, simply find and replace podman to docker in the command

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