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Acquiring an API key

  1. Visit the website and follow the instructions to get your API Key. Copy it to your clipboard

  2. Enter the configurator. Select: Modules -> Lydia Anti-PM -> CLIENT_KEY and paste the key from your clipboard. Exit the configurator and type .restart in Telegram.


  • Enable [Syntax: enlydia [user id]]

    Enables Lydia AI for the specified user ID, or for the user you are messaging

  • Disable [Syntax: dislydia [user id]]

    Disables Lydia for the specified user, or the user you are messaging

  • Enable in Groups [Syntax: forcelydia [user id]]

    Forcibly enables Lydia for that user. If sent in a group, Lydia will be enabled for that user in the group.

  • Remove all active sessions [Syntax: cleanlydiasessions]

    Resets all conversations that are ongoing with Lydia. It will lose all state and context and restart the conversation.

  • Remove all allowed users [Syntax: cleanlydiadisabled]

    Re-enables Lydia for everyone. This will not override IGNORE_NO_COMMON.


  • API Key [Key: friendly-telegram.modules.lydia.CLIENT_KEY, Type: str]

    This is the API key, see here

  • Ignore users with no common chats [Key: friendly-telegram.modules.lydia.IGNORE_NO_COMMON, Type: boolean]

    If set to True, users who find you by username/search will not have Lydia enabled. Lydia will only apply for users who have groups in common with you. Note that forcelydia can still override this.

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