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Friendly-Telegram supports translation of most strings.

Creating a pack

  1. Follow the instructions in the docs to log in
  2. From the welcome page, click the hamburger menu button located in the top left. Choose the Translations option from the list, and proceed to the next step.
  3. Enter the ISO 639-1 language code into the textbox (pre-filled with en)
  4. Click the link for the module you want to translate
  5. Change the strings
  6. Click the purple button in the bottom right to return to the top of the page
  7. Click Export Data
  8. Save the file somewhere on your hard disk
  9. Create a Telegram channel. Name it however you want
  10. Upload the file you downloaded to this channel. You must put a caption of #ftgtrnsl1 on the file.
  11. Set a username on the channel, so that you can apply it in the next section

Applying a pack

  1. First, you have to know the username of the pack to add. If you don’t know one, maybe you want to create a pack? Alternatively, you can use the invite link of the pack (you must already be a member), or the channel ID.
  2. Type in any chat, .addtrnsl <pack username>
  3. Type .restart to apply the changes

Copyright © 2020 The Authors. Distributed under the GNU AGPL.