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QNAP Container-Station Installation

In order to host on QNAP, you can use the Container-Station.

Add Gitlab Registry to the Container Station:

  • First open Container Station, open Images on the left
  • Press top right on Pull. There you get a new window for adding Registrys
  • Add a new Registry for Gitlab:
  • Press on Test and apply

Pull FTG to Container Station:

  • Go to Images and press on Pull
  • Image-Name: friendly-telegram/friendly-telegram
  • Image-Tag: latest
  • Press on Pull

Create Container:

  • Press on + on the right of the FTG Container
  • Press on Advanced Settings
  • Press on Network and set Host to the port 8080
  • On Share you can add some Folders. Example: Hostpath /share/MultimediaMount Point: /app/multimedia

After its done, log into the webinterface and setup the Bot as usual… After the bot is up you need to tweak the container by following commands, since the container lacks some packages and folders to function:

Telegram .terminal commands:

  • .terminal mkdir /tmp && chmod 1777 /tmp Create missing /tmp dir and permissions.
  • .terminal apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade -y && apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends apt-utils && apt-get install -y dialog && apt-get install -y whiptail && apt-get install -y sudo && apt-get install -y wget && apt-get install -y curl Updating system and install missing pkgs, this will take a while!

When you want to restart or stop the userbot, simply do it via Container Station

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